How to Send a Rejection Letter

If you’ve ever hired someone, you’ve also probably sent out a rejection letter. A rejection letter lets job candidates know you’ve decided to hire someone else. It’s not fun to read or write, but it’s a necessary courtesy and also provides valuable feedback to candidates. Does everyone get a rejection letter? In an ideal world, […]

How to Choose Your Company Values

Every day, your employees will face decisions both big and small. A customer asks for their money back two days past the one-month refund period. Does your customer support specialist grant the request? An engineering deadline has come and passed. Does your tech lead decide to release the product even though they’re not confident about […]

Signature Consultants Gets Ranked Among Largest Information Technology Firms in St. Louis

Every year, the St. Louis Business Journal ranks the largest firms in the St. Louis area according to business categories. This year, Signature Consultants is proud to have been positioned among the area’s top 25 largest information technology firms. “It’s an honor to be included among St. Louis’ most prominent local businesses,” explains Josh Bahr, […]

3 Ways to Say “I’m Sorry” Less

Taking the blame for situations you cannot control is easy to do but hard to stop. Everyone has that coworker who starts a sentence with an apology. A coworker asks for clarification on a project, and they begin their reply with, “I’m sorry, I should have explained that more clearly.” Or, they’re having trouble getting […]

3 Tricks for Quickly Calming Down

Work tends to be a high-stress place. But even when everything is going wrong—you realize you’ve been analyzing the wrong data for your report, your team member leaves their job in the middle of a huge project, your deadline is accelerated by two weeks, your boss wants you to build a last-minute feature right before […]